Jefferson County, AL Environmental Services Department
                                                    Sanitary Sewer Overflow Advisories
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DateLocationCityZipAffected WaterwayDownstream OfReasonStatusDate Resolved
2020-11-23509 41st. Street NorthBIRMINGHAM35222NONEMESSER AIRPORT HIGHWAY Roots, Grease or DebrisResolved2020/11/23
2020-11-193211 OVERTON RDVESTAVIA HILLS35223Cahaba River - IDN: 00159294N/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2020/11/20
2020-11-181423 MONTCLAIR RD BIRMINGHAM35210NONEMONTEVALLO RD Roots, Grease or DebrisResolved2020/11/18
2020-11-171245 PARLIAMENT LANE, VESTAVIA HILLS35216NONEN/AGravitymain BreakResolved2020/11/19
2020-11-121629 59TH STBIRMINGHAM35228Valley Creek - IDN: 00128387N/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2020/11/12
2020-11-104900 Fulmar Dr.IRONDALE35210Shades CreekPine Mountain Rd Line BreakResolved2020/11/11
2020-11-102230 HIGHLAND AVE SBIRMINGHAM35205Valley Creek - IDN: 00128387N/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2020/11/10
2020-11-02228 BEECH CIR.MOUNTAIN BROOK35213NONEN/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2020/11/02
2020-11-022844 REGAL CIR.HOOVER35216NONEN/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2020/11/02
2020-10-294700 BELL HILL RDBESSEMER35022Fivemile Creek - IDN: 00118345POCAHONTAS ROADSurcharge from RainResolved2020/10/30