Jefferson County, AL Environmental Services Department
                                                    Sanitary Sewer Overflow Advisories
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DateLocationCityZipAffected WaterwayDownstream OfReasonStatusDate Resolved
2024-04-11233 RALEIGH AVEHOMEWOOD35209Shades Creek - IDN: 00153377N/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2024/04/11
2024-04-113230 BERKLEY AVEBESSEMER35020Valley Creek - IDN: 00128387N/AConstruction ActivityResolved2024/04/11
2024-03-273351 LOWER PINSON HEIGHTS RDCENTER POINT35215Cunningham Creek - IDN: 00163931N/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2024/03/27
2024-03-251940 3RD PLACE NECENTER POINT35215Fivemile Creek - IDN: 00151770N/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2024/03/25
2024-03-192838 THORNHILL RD MOUNTAIN BROOK35213Watkins Brook - IDN: 00128632N/AOtherResolved2024/03/19
2024-03-12409 55TH STREET FAIRFIELD35064Opossum Creek - IDN: 00152817N/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2024/03/12
2024-03-089861 PARKWAY E, BIRMINGHAM35215Fivemile Creek - IDN: 00151770N/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2024/03/08
2024-03-062321 DARTHMOUTH DRBIRMINGHAM35226Patton Creek - IDN: 00152856N/ASurcharge from RainResolved2024/03/06
2024-02-221004 15TH ST NBIRMINGHAM35203Valley Creek - IDN: 00128387N/AOtherResolved2024/02/22
2024-02-212235 LIME ROCK ROADVESTAVIA HILLS35216Cahaba River - IDN: 00159294N/AOtherResolved2024/02/21