Jefferson County, AL Environmental Services Department
                                                    Sanitary Sewer Overflow Advisories
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DateLocationCityZipAffected WaterwayDownstream OfReasonStatusDate Resolved
2022-09-297009 HOPEWELL RD SEBESSEMER35022Shades CreekN/AOtherResolved2022/09/29
2022-09-295021 EAST LAKE BLVDBIRMINGHAM35212NONEN/AGravitymain BreakResolved2022/09/29
2022-09-28421 VESCLUB DRVESTAVIA HILLS35216Cahaba River - IDN: 00159294N/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2022/09/28
2022-09-271315 2ND ST NWBIRMINGHAM35215Fivemile Creek - IDN: 00151770N/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2022/09/27
2022-09-251500 EXETER AVE BESSEMER35202Halls Creek - IDN: 00119594N/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2022/09/25
2022-09-231401 GEORGIA RDIRONDALE35210NONEN/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2022/09/23
2022-09-218548 VALLEY HILL DRIVEBIRMINGHAM 352Village CreekN/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2022/09/21
2022-09-212100 STONEY BROOK LNFULTONDALE35068NONEN/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2022/09/21
2022-09-122650 GRESHAM DRVESTAVIA HILLS35243Cahaba River - IDN: 00159294N/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2022/09/12
2022-09-09615 21ST AVE WESTBIRMINGHAM35204Village Creek - IDN: 0015384816TH AVE WEST Roots, Grease or DebrisResolved2022/09/09