Jefferson County, AL Environmental Services Department
                                                    Sanitary Sewer Overflow Advisories
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DateLocationCityZipAffected WaterwayDownstream OfReasonStatusDate Resolved
2022-12-071930 WARRIOR RDBIRMINGHAM35208NONEN/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2022/12/07
2022-12-071041 31ST ST SBIRMINGHAM35205NONEN/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2022/12/07
2022-12-053003 APPLE VALLEY LN BIRMINGHAM35215Beaver Creek - IDN: 00143991N/ALine BreakResolved2022/12/05
2022-12-031536 MONTCLAIR RD BIRMINGHAM35210Shades Creek - IDN: 00153377N/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2022/12/03
2022-12-021431 4th TERRACE WBIRMINGHAM35208Valley Creek - IDN: 00128387N/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2022/12/03
2022-12-011633 EASTERN VALLEY RD BIRMINGHAM35022Fivemile Creek - IDN: 00118345N/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2022/12/01
2022-11-30 830 33RD ST NBIRMINGHAM35203NONEN/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2022/11/30
2022-11-281113 14TH ST NBIRMINGHAM35204NONEN/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2022/11/28
2022-11-172030 LITTLE VALLEY RDHOOVER35216Patton Creek - IDN: 00152856N/AOtherResolved2022/11/17
2022-11-169844 RED MILL ROAD BIRMINGHAM35215Fivemile Creek - IDN: 00151770N/ARoots, Grease or DebrisResolved2022/11/16